Empowering tourism entrepreneurs and SMEs in post-COVID recovery

To use the lessons learned from the four participating projects to enable tourism businesses to recover from the pandemic and achieve greater resilience for themselves and their communities

Promoting sustainable, sensitive tourism recovery

To use networking, collaboration & transnational transfer of good practice, training and expertise in the development of more responsible tourism products and experiences sensitive to local and cultural needs, taking into account the marginalized groups.

Capacity building for tourism businesses and entrepreneurs

To adapt the SHAPE web-based ‘e-service’ as a platform to support tourism SME development, by hosting online training materials, good practice experiences and business support tools and enabling peer-to-peer mentoring.



The project will host transnational thematic benchmarking and networking events under the proposed titles of 

  • Business innovations and coping strategies under the pandemic
  • Responsible marketing
  • Ethics of (recovering) northern and Arctic tourism
  • Stories of hope and future visions

There will also be an online speed-date networking event and a gathering of indigenous women entrepreneurs. 

From these events the project partners will write a report about the impacts of COVID on the development of ethical tourism, and create a strategy for ethical and sustainable tourism recovery.

An online platform for open training and innovation will be created and virtual tours of the platform hosted.